Successful treatment of difficult wounds requires assessment of the entire patient, not just the wound. At HealthBridge Children’s Hospital wounds are assessed and managed with a holistic approach. Physicians, a registered dietician, nurses and therapists work collaboratively to better manage skin integrity, prevent further deterioration and promote healing of existing wounds.

HealthBridge specializes in the treatment of the following wound types:

  • Pressure ulcers

  • Traumatic wounds

  • Post-amputation

  • Post-operative wounds

  • Complicated wounds

  • Burns

Approach to Treatment

A wound care clinician assesses each patient admitted to our specialty hospital within the first 24 hours of admission to ensure all wounds are identified in a timely manner and an individualized plan of care is instituted. Treatment procedures can include chemical debridement, antibiotic treatment, irrigation, and negative pressure therapy. Patients and family members are educated on nutritional support and management of the wound should they need it upon going home.

Protocols have been developed based upon evidenced- based medicine to ensure best practices are followed. Wound Care Team members are required to stay abreast of the latest research and technology in the field of wound care.