Effective childhood obesity treatment requires retraining of children and families, skill reinforcement, and consistent access to those knowledgeable in its treatment. At HealthBridge Children’s Hospital, we offer inpatient childhood weight management services. Our treatment focuses on helping children that have long-standing obesity and have found that traditional outpatient treatments have been unsuccessful.

Our inpatient services provides the advantage over outpatient treatments by offering children an environment where they may focus on acquiring healthy eating habits and engaging in physical exercise, while addressing any concerns about body image and eating.

Our Approach to Treatment

We utilize an interdisciplinary tertiary care intervention that addresses the complex medical, physical, emotional, and social needs of obese children and adolescents. It utilizes a highly structured, aggressive approach to decrease BMI, resolve obesity-related conditions, and increase quality of life. Our services incorporate low calorie diets, set daily schedules, individualized physical training programs, and mental health support for both patient and family members. Our expert staff is committed to seeing each child achieve her or his health goal during and after discharge.


Our admissions team at HealthBridge Children’s Hospital works closely with referring hospitals to ensure that the admission process is efficient. Nurse liaisons and admission coordinators assist in our referral and admission process. To refer a patient to HealthBridge Children’s Hospital, physicians and families may call our Admissions Department at (888-306-5121).