Our Admission Process

We accept referrals from physicians, hospitals, insurance case managers, community agencies or by a family member. All funding sources are considered.  A member of our clinical staff is available to conduct an onsite assessment of each patient prior to admission.  Families are encouraged to visit our hospital and take a tour to discuss the benefits of our services and programs.

Our admission team at HealthBridge Children’s Hospital works closely with referring hospitals to ensure that the admission process is efficient.  We will help facilitate the pre-authorization process necessary for treatment.

  • To refer a patient to HealthBridge Children’s Hospital, the referrer should call the Admission Department at 888-306-5121 and fax demographic information to 714-464-1886.

  • A clinical liaison will contact the referral source within 2 hours of receiving the referral.

  • Our goal is to have the evaluation of the patient completed within 24 hours

  • Once the evaluation is completed, we will submit the information to the patient’s insurance company and await authorization (depending on the insurance provider it may take 24-72hrs for approval from payer)

  • The referrer will be contacted with updates on the patient’s admission status. Once authorization is obtained, the patient may transfer that day or when medically ready. The admissions department will provide you with the proper information (accepting physician name and number for peer to peer, nurse report number, room number and phone number to fax transfer orders, etc.)

By Phone

To refer a patient to HealthBridge Children’s Hospital, you may call the Admission Department at (888) 306-5121.

By Fax

To make a referral by fax, please fax referral information to (714) 464-1886.

By E-mail

To make a referral by e-mail, please e-mail